He Gives More Grace Because You Need it from Him

It’s everywhere. It seems like lately, it’s most commonly found on the mommy blogs and vlogs, but it’s also a message heard from well-meaning Christians.

I’m talking about the phrase, “give yourself grace”. It usually is found hanging out with sentiments like, “You’re doing a great job. Don’t feel guilty.”

And those sentiments may be okay in the right context. More often than not though, the phrase “give yourself grace” is cushioned in much less than what we are actually offered in Christ.

Grace is a word that should mean everything to us as Christians, but as The Princess Bride character Inigo Montoya would have said it, “I don’t think it means what they think it means.”

Unfortunately, the self-affirmation brand of grace can’t give us what we’re looking for in the moments when we’re drawn to accepting the message of “giving yourself grace”. There is actually so much more hope found in the truth of what grace isn’t and what it is for us as Christians.

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