When it comes to the process of moving from a new beginning, and going forward in life, whether it’s simply through everyday challenges, or difficult seasons, or the sorrows brought by loneliness, loss, and pain, we move forward with the confidence that we don’t go it alone.


We hold onto the promise that the God we serve isn’t far and distant. God is with us, not in a faraway place, or abstractly. He’s with us now. Jesus came to His people and promised never to leave. So even though He ascended to heaven, He is present with us because He has given us His spirit, the comforter.


And so much of our comfort as believers, is found in remembering that the presence He promises is also a restful place to plant ourselves, to grow deeply rooted, and to bear fruit.


Moses says in Psalm 90:1, “Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.”


It seems especially moving that Moses would speak these words, when we consider that in Exodus 33, when the Lord commands him to lead Israel into the land that God had promised them, Moses pleads with Him and the Lord promises him, “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.” (Exodus 33:14 ESV)


This is the same Lord who says in Matthew 11:28, “Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (NIV)


It takes courage to implement new habits, to begin new patterns in our lives, but sustaining power isn’t in our ability to stick with a new plan, or to make a new life for ourselves, to be strong enough to fight off the temptation to give up. The One who sustains us is our Savior, and he’s not requiring that we heap up burdens on our own shoulders, and He isn’t asking us to carry the weight of our sin.


He simply says, “Come to me.”



This first appeared as a devotional on the Women Encouraged podcast which you can listen to on iTunes. The shownotes and information are available on the Women Encouraged website here.

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